Our Process.

Our process is always unique to the house we’re trying to build but we always focus on three key phases, no matter what the project. First and foremost, we need to meet you! We typically get in touch with people via referral and begin by discussion your project over the phone, an e-mail or in person over coffee. Once we’ve gathered a few of the details we move into a more formalized process.

Planning and Discovery

In this phase, we have agreed to move beyond deciding if we want to do the project. We’ll typically try to some of the following information in our initial discovery session:

  • Size and type of home to be built
  • Client needs (the must haves)
  • Client wants
  • Price range
  • What is included in our build

Once we’ve completed the initial discovery intake, we can begin concept design. Rich and Stacey will work on the plans for your home and present it to you for adjustment and final sign off before moving to the next phase. 

Contract and Build

The contract and build portion of the process is where we get to making your dream a reality. In this phase typical activities include:

  • Design approval
  • Discussions around inclusions in the build
  • Finalize build cost
  • Make material and finish selections
  • Receive estimated timelines
  • Sign contracts
  • Home construction

Closing and Warranty

The closing and warranty process includes three activities:

  • Walkthrough
  • Warranty Selection
  • Closing and key handoff